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Extreme Golf

Thumbnail image for Extreme Golf April 17, 2014 Cartoons

Commy and friends have been discussing boring TV sports and, without putting too fine a point on it … golf! Whilst there will be many who wax lyrical about golf’s special camaraderie, scenic back-drops and steely hand-eye co-ordination, there are other, more cynical observers, who maintain that its unpopularity with large sections of the ‘true’ […]

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Breach Of Promise

Thumbnail image for Breach Of Promise April 10, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening to friends discussing the old fashioned notion of ‘breach of promise’.  Can you imagine the fortune to be made by the legal profession and their clients, they mused, if people could sue for such a thing these days? And, on a more general point, where will all this money-grabbing litigiousness end? […]

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The Relationship Summit

Thumbnail image for The Relationship Summit April 3, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening to friends discussing the causes of marital disharmony (joint bank accounts included) and the seemingly never-ending The Battle of The Sexes. Even in prehistoric times, they wondered whether Joe Neanderthal, (after a hard day’s sabre-tooth-tiger hunting) trudged home disconsolately complaining to his fellow cavemen that he really wasn’t looking forward to […]

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Musical Bent

Thumbnail image for Musical Bent March 27, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper’s friends have been discussing people who believe they have a ‘musical bent; in particular, those who turn up for TV talent show auditions. Whilst maintaining he is not particularly a fan of the genre, Tooper does harbour a sneaking admiration for the vast majority of the people who, although not particularly blessed in the […]

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Bird Brain

Thumbnail image for Bird Brain March 24, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper and friends have been giving some thought to the Buddhist theory of reincarnation. More specifically they wondered; if people were to be re-incarnated as a type of bird, what would they choose to be? Whilst there were those amongst Tooper’s (so called) friends that rather unkindly suggested that, given his love of a good […]

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Matrimonial Mismatches

Thumbnail image for Matrimonial Mismatches March 20, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening to friends extolling the virtues of the double-barrelled surname. Celebrities such as Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, they argued, were afforded far more cachet than those sporting more ‘run of the mill’ surnames such as Smith or Brown. Whilst agreeing in principle, Commy felt it encumbent to point out […]

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Togetherness Tests

Thumbnail image for Togetherness Tests March 13, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening with astonishment to friends recommending IKEA (for their affordable, stylish furniture) to younger, more impressionable friends. Is there anything more guaranteed to toss a hand grenade into any fledgling relationship, he asked, than to wilfully encourage couples to go through the trauma that is the IKEA self-assembly furniture test?  Where, in […]

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The Levellers

Thumbnail image for The Levellers March 6, 2014 Cartoons

Commy guesses there will always be those amongst us who wish to conform to the idea of the ‘body perfect’. People who will slavishly try to emulate their idols, notwithstanding the certain knowledge that these A listers ‘lucked out’ in the gene pool at birth and now seemingly stroll through life with their self control […]

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Not Meant To Be!

Thumbnail image for Not Meant To Be! February 27, 2014 Cartoons

Commy wonders if he is the only person to be irritated by the phrase, ‘… it just wasn’t meant to be.‘ Whether it was the demise of the relationship that was destined to bring about your four shiny, happy children or that failed bid to buy that loft conversion (within walking distance of the station […]

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My Brush With Vegetarianism

Thumbnail image for My Brush With Vegetarianism February 20, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has, in the past, flirted with the idea of giving up meat; although admittedly only while cornered at a student party by an earnest, wide-eyed vegetarian hottie berating him for tucking into his third sausage roll. At the time, (notwithstanding the alcohol and raging hormones) he had found himself powerless to do anything but […]

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