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Fighting Talk

Thumbnail image for Fighting Talk September 18, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening to female colleagues discussing men and their seemingly never-ending capacity to ‘bottle things up’.  Why do they do it, they asked?  Wouldn’t their lives and relationships be so much easier if they didn’t? Feeling obliged to point out that men are pre-programmed  from a very young age to control their emotions, […]

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The Ultimate Training Course

Thumbnail image for The Ultimate Training Course September 11, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening to friends discussing some of the more unusual training courses that are available, particularly after seeing an advertisement in the local paper offering the services of a Sex Therapist. Who trains these people and how, they mused?  And how do we know that these people actually are experts in this field? […]

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Naughty Night Attire

Thumbnail image for Naughty Night Attire September 4, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening to a light-hearted conversation amongst female work colleagues about the book, Fifty Shades of Grey. Whilst most admitted to feeling a little frisson of sexual excitement while reading the novel, they were quick to point out that the reason women felt safe to fantasise about such a handsome, sexually-potent billionaire was […]

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Marriages Made In Heaven?

Thumbnail image for Marriages Made In Heaven? August 28, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been commiserating with female friends about the vagaries of the surname lottery facing women when they marry. Surely, he argued, there must have been occasions where women baulked at the prospect of marriage when realisation of her likely new married name dawned?  Could love really be expected to conquer all if, having fallen […]

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Tales Of The Riverbank

Thumbnail image for Tales Of The Riverbank August 21, 2014 Cartoons

In these fast paced, high pressure times, Tooper had been wondering aloud whether he should consider a stress busting hobby when a friend helpfully suggested fishing. A little concerned that this previously seemingly normal individual had suddenly morphed into a fishing evangelist; Tooper allowed himself to be persuaded that a little night fishing might be […]

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Cunning Contraception

Thumbnail image for Cunning Contraception August 14, 2014 Cartoons

Commy and friends were recently transfixed by a fascinating insight (given by one of his more studious female counterparts) into the history of contraception. It appears that in more recent times, the origins of the female oestrogen pill can be traced back to sheep!  Apparently it  was developed when scientists noticed that sheep grazing in […]

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The Relationship Talk

Thumbnail image for The Relationship Talk August 7, 2014 Cartoons

Commy and friends have been sympathising with one of their young male acquaintances who has been told by his partner that they need to have the ‘relationship talk’. Is there anything more designed to provoke feelings of mortal dread amongst male seasoned veterans than hearing those words, they wondered? After all, how many men have […]

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Extreme Sports Pimps

Thumbnail image for Extreme Sports Pimps July 31, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening to friends discussing some of the more dangerous sporting pastimes they have considered participating in.  What is about our humdrum human existences, they wondered, that makes us want to risk life and limb, by throwing ourselves off tall buildings, out of planes or down near vertical icy slopes? Yet while Commy […]

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Strong Silent Types

Thumbnail image for Strong Silent Types July 24, 2014 Cartoons

Commy has been listening with surprise to female friends bemoaning a dirth of male ‘strong silent types’. Given that they had previously always informed him that the key to any good relationship was keeping the lines of communication open, he felt compelled to enquire whether what they were now referring to as strong, silent types, […]

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Nom de Plume

Thumbnail image for Nom de Plume July 17, 2014 Cartoons

Commy’s friends have been discussing Celebrities and the naming of their offspring. Can there be any better manifestation of their egos, they wondered, than the saddling of their poor, unsuspecting progeny with such self-indulgent epithets as Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow), Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson) and Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee – an American actor/comedian, apparently!).  Don’t they realise […]

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