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Alarm Bells

Thumbnail image for Alarm Bells March 31, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper and friends have been discussing how best to start the day. While most people lauded the arrival of the digital alarm, Tooper worried that the inclusion of the fiendishly tempting snooze button had turned us into a nation of sloths.  How could we expect to be a nation of ‘go-getters‘  he argued, when, faced […]

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Midnight Musings

Thumbnail image for Midnight Musings March 10, 2014 Cartoons

Commy and friends have once again been discussing what keeps them awake at night. While Commy would love to claim that such lofty topics as the theory of relativity,  quantum mechanics and the search for world peace occupy his nightly thought processes, the sad truth is that much more mundane subjects seem to wrestle their […]

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Upstanding Citizens

Thumbnail image for Upstanding Citizens March 3, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper wonders if he is the only one who has strange dreams. Just the other night he had one where (not for the first time!) he was up on a murder charge.  Standing, rigid with terror in a silenced courtroom crackling with tension, he held his breath as the the foreman of the jury stepped […]

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Losing It!

Thumbnail image for Losing It! February 24, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper’ has been listening to female friends discussing  what it is that makes men ‘lose the plot’ so easily these days.  Is it that they simply cannot control their emotions or are they victims of increasingly stressful lifestyles, they wondered? Outnumbered, put on the spot and (yes, he admits it!) a tad irritated, Tooper blurted […]

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Sick Bed From Hell!

Thumbnail image for Sick Bed From Hell! January 30, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper’s female friends have decided that there is only one thing worse than nursing their husband’s/BF’s through some sort of accident or injury; that is tending them through a dose of man-flu. Although this was greeted with general good humour by most (including the males present, incidentally), one pointed out that this argument had not […]

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The Hitlist

Thumbnail image for The Hitlist January 16, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper has never been remotely tempted to participate in a hunting trip. Whilst he is sure there will be those amongst you who assume this decision is based on purely altruistic motives; you could not be further from the truth.  In fact, Tooper wonders at the sanity of anyone willingly accompanying a group of camouflage-clad, […]

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Food Groups

Thumbnail image for Food Groups January 9, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper and friends have been visiting a local hostelry. And, during a conversation about their least favourite, ‘harder to swallow’ food groups, the conversation soon morphed (in the way only a late-night, alcohol-fuelled discussion can)  into something a little more taxing  … the drawing up of a composite list of ‘rock groups as food’ types. […]

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Pillow Ponderings

Thumbnail image for Pillow Ponderings January 2, 2014 Cartoons

Tooper has been listening to friends discussing subjects they’re still trying to get their heads around. While many singled out such laudable topics as astro-physics, computer science and crop circles as some of the more unfathomable subjects that caused their brains to over-heat, others singled out slightly more accessible ones such as supersonic flight, the […]

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New Year Irresolutions

Thumbnail image for New Year Irresolutions December 26, 2013 Cartoons

Tooper has told his friends that this New Year will be different. Not for him the guilt-trip of recrimination that generally follows the orgy of over-indulgence during the Christmas holidays.  In short, he has decided that this year he will no longer be taking part in the folly that is the New Year Resolution wish-list; […]

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Nightmare Search Scenario

Thumbnail image for Nightmare Search Scenario December 19, 2013 Cartoons

Tooper’s friends have been pondering on the smuggling business and more particularly, the stupidity of the ‘drugs mule’. Why risk an extremely lengthy jail-term, they wondered, for what is generally (considering the size of average human orifice) such a pitiful amount of any given illicit substance? Why not, if you really feel the need to […]

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