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Stupid Is As Stupid Does!

Thumbnail image for Stupid Is As Stupid Does! November 22, 2012 Cartoons

Tooper has been listening to friends discussing the role of the pub quiz in British society. While some argued that this was yet another (typically British) way of masking our social ineptitude by providing ‘organised and focused’ social gatherings, others contended that they were devised by men as a more acceptable cover for escaping long […]

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Call The Food Police!

Cooperism cartoon, cop cartoon, top, cartoon, cartoons, humour, humour, best, Cooperisms, Tommy Cooper August 31, 2011 Cartoons

Tooper has been contemplating the subject of food with friends and he has noted that whilst people seem to get reasonably animated about their food favourites, it pales into insignificance when compared to their discussion of their food nightmares. For the record, below Tooper lists a few of his own personal food bete noires. The […]

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What’s Fine About A Speeding Fine?

Speeding Cartoon, Top Cartoon Humour Blog, best cartoon blog, best humour blog, best cartoon blog, humor, cartoons, wordplay, August 15, 2011 Cartoons

Commy has been discussing (with a traffic cop), the business of ‘traffic coppery’. Whilst there will be those amongst you who will be surprised  (knowing Commy’s distrust of all forms of authority) to hear that he would even enter into such a discussion, suffice to say that Commy had been listening with interest to tales […]

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Police Camera Action!

car chase cartoon, Cooperisms, Yer Avin a Larf, top, cartoon, cartoon blog, humour, humour blog, gags, one-liners, Commytooper, Tommy Cooper, wordplay, witticims May 12, 2011 Cartoons

Tooper has always had a morbid fascination for those TV programmes featuring breathtakingly reckless car chases through built-up areas. Whilst the decent upstanding part of him is appalled at this blatant law-breaking and holds its breath as the inevitable pensioner-driven Morris Minor or  mum toting pushchair strays into the battlefield, there is another part of […]

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Pet Honeymoon

crime cartoon, wordplay cartoon, cooperisms, cartoons March 24, 2011 Cartoons

We all laughed at the notion of Pet Cemeteries, Tooper remembers.  Yet all over the world, perfectly sane people fork out small fortunes in order to find slightly tacky final resting places for their beloved pets.  There are in fact, firms who make a very good living doing so; who will (for a sum) bear […]

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Justice for Fat Camp Survivors!

crime cartoon, top cartoon blog, best humour blog, Commytooper, cartoon, Yer-avin-a-Larf, cooperisms March 10, 2011 Cartoons

Tooper gathers there is no such thing as fat camp these days. The name has been buried under a tidal wave of correctness that sweeps aside all who dare to whisper the real truth;  in the 20th century, THERE WERE PUNISHMENT CAMPS FOR THE TERMINALLY GREEDY. Buried far from sight, so as not to offend […]

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Introducing the ‘Yer avin a larf’ boys

January 26, 2011 Cartoons
Thumbnail image for Introducing the ‘Yer avin a larf’ boys

The ‘boys’ evolved over a three month period and partially as an extension of the TC joke quoted below. The initial shots in the comedy skirmish that initiated this blog consisted mainly of one-liners fired off to each other in the wee small hours in the certain hope that the ‘other party’ would have drifted […]

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