Bunjee Jump Anyone?

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Hindsight – Help Or Hindrance?

Thumbnail image for Hindsight – Help Or Hindrance? December 15, 2011 Cartoons

Tooper has been wondering about the phrase ‘with the benefit of hindsight.’ How many times have we heard people commiserating with someone blindsided by the effects of a rash decision?  People who when asked what they were thinking, let out a shuddering sigh and mumble, ‘… of course, with the benefit of hindsight…’ Is there […]

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Death Wish List, Anyone?

relationship cartoons, wordplay cartoons, best humor blog, best humour blog February 16, 2011 Cartoons

Cooper wonders at the human race. As if it’s not bad enough, what with The Crisis, budget cuts and Justin Bieber and all, people still feel the inclination to throw themselves off some flimsy platform attached only to what really amounts to an elastic band loosely attached to one ankle. Even allowing for the fact […]

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